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pine boxes for exporting fruit and vegetables



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Morgan Sawmill is a family business, owned and operated throughout 3 generations by the Morgan Families. We pride ourselves in quality and proficiency. Our product range is extensive and includes posts, structural timber, pallets, bins/boxes, woodchips, sawdust and decking to name a few. Morgan Sawmill has evolved over time, growing significantly in size and developing new product lines for the ever-changing market.

The timber industry is an exciting venture to be involved in and we strongly support the preservation of timber supply from our locally grown plantation forests maintained by Morgan Sawmill and other local enterprises.
Plantation forests are very beneficial; they preserve our native forests and also allow access to a renewable resource. The plantation forests, containing Pinus Radiata, are managed in a way that ensures sustainability of the Forest for generations to come –(“Forests for Life”).  Formally the majority of Morgan Sawmill's timber supplies were from the Wirrabara and Bundaleer Forests. However, in recent times this has been supplemented by a supply of logs from the Adelaide Hills to account for the shortfall caused by the Bundaleer and Bangor fires. This supplementation is likely to continue until new growth can be harvested from the replanted Mid North forests. Bundaleer Forest was the state's first plantation forest, planted in 1876, while the Wirrabara forest followed not long after in 1877. For more information visit

Pictured above, Ed and Luke Morgan, Partners, Morgan Sawmill Jamestown.

Morgan Sawmill is situated on the outskirts of Jamestown, located in the Mid North Region of South Australia. We are 207kms from Adelaide; Jamestown has a population of approx 1,450. Major products of the area include agricultural products, wool, wine and timber.