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History - Morgan Sawmill was formed through the amalgamation of 2 sawmills; J. Morgan & Sons (Wirrabara SA) and Bundaleer Forest Products (Jamestown) in 2002. It is a family business, owned and operated by several Morgan Families.  Morgan Sawmill also owns a pallet making company situated at Wingfield, a Treatment Plant located at Loxton in the Riverland and a logging company in the Mid North forests of Jamestown and Wirrabara.

The Sawmill - Our sawmill is designed to process logs of varying quality and length. This is achieved by the mill's layout which includes two sawing production lines, both of which, incorporate a docking line and a stacking system to separate higher quality product. Case grade timber is sawn for bins and pallets, while our timber seasoning Kiln (timber dryer), operational LOSP (environmentally friendly) treatment facility along with our dry mill machines including a moulder and a thicknesser, enable us to produce high quality structural timber.  Both of our sawing lines have the waste product converted into woodchips, shavings and sawdust.

Sawmill Direct Case & Pallet is a division of Morgan Sawmill Jamestown located at 22 Wingfield Road. Products including Vegetable bins, pallets and export containers are manufactured here for the SA markets. The site also doubles as a Morgan Sawmill transport depot for receiving and sending consignments for on-shipping.

Riverland Treated Pine is located at Loxton North in the Riverland of South Australia. Timber is sourced from the sustainable resource forestry areas in the South East of South Australia and the Adelaide Hills, and the timber/posts are treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) onsite at Loxton North. CCA treatment has been relied on for generations to provide dependable protection against termites and decay. The timber range includes posts and poles, along with a wide variety of dressed and sawn timber, reeded decking, sleepers and lattice. We also stock shade cloth, hardware and a range of timber protection products. Riverland Treated Pine is able to provide an alternative to CCA timber. Referred to in the treatment industry as Tan E or ACQ, these products provide a safe alternative to traditionally treated timber. Contact Riverland Treated Timber for more details. Open 6 days a week with EFTPOS facilities. Please visit the website

Morgan Sawmill is the largest privately owned employer within the Mid North area, employing 70 full time employees.